Gite des Castors

Guy ANDRÉ - Le Poujol - 12100 LA ROQUE STE MARGUERITE (France)
Tel. +33 (0)5 65 62 81 70  -  Port. +33 (0)6 34 67 05 55

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Bee-keeping is your host's great passion in life. As a respected professional he will be happy to share his enthusiasm with you. You will be able to buy his honey, which he also sells on the local farmers' markets. 
The Causse Noir and the wild slopes of the Dourbie valley are covered with a vegetation which is fairly sparse, but very rich in the number of different wild species.
The nectar, perfumed with the fragrance of thyme and sainfoin, gives a honey of a very high quality.

The honey harvest takes place throughout July and is carried out according to the most traditional methods.
The bees are removed from the combs by brushing, without the use of any chemical products.
In the workshop, the honey is  immediately extracted, filtered and placed in a maturing tank so that it can decant naturally.

After a few days, crystallisation begins: it takes place slowly and its degree depends on the concentration of glucose determined by Mother Nature.
At a certain moment chosen according to the development of the crystallisation, the honey is seeded and homogenised using a very simple procedure validated by the National Institute for Agricultural Research.

Very slow mixing is carried out using a machine rotating at 16 turns/minute and without heating.
The honey can then be put into pots and may be conserved for up to two years.
The "All Flowers" honey of the Causse Noir and the wild slopes of the Dourbie valley can be found on all the farmers' markets of the region.